Introducing: John Reynolds, Pharmacy Technician

My name is John Reynolds.   I was raised in Southeastern and Southwestern Missouri. Mostly farming and raising cattle. The good ol’ Ozarks.   My wife, Ellen, and I lived in Springfield, Missouri for several years after attending college in Joplin. We moved north of the KCI Airport 16 years ago. We have two teenagers,... Continue reading

What’s Compounding Got To Do With It?

Have you ever had a medication made to order just for you? Maybe you aren’t aware that it’s even possible. Well, it is! It’s called compounding.   Compounded medications are regulated by the USP, U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention, and are made to the specifications for an individual patient. In fact, every compounding pharmacy must comply with... Continue reading

Warts Happen

There are many questions in life which plague us like “Why is that every time I switch check out lanes, the lane I was just in seems to suddenly go faster?” Even questions like, “What is the meaning of this government shut down?” are prevalent and frustrating. But there is a very plaguing issue for... Continue reading