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We’re excited that Medicare Part D now covers your topical prescription medications! So now you can continue to receive our prescription medications like always but you’re covered!
If you are eligible and you haven’t taken advantage of Medicare Part D, get connected by visiting: https://www.medicare.gov/part-d
Just as some insurance plans cover certain procedures like acupuncture while other plans don’t, the answer to whether your compounded prescription is covered by your insurance policy is as unique as you and your plan are. Fortunately, in the vast majority of instances, compounded medication is covered at the same rate as other prescriptions, so the answer is usually “Yes, you’re covered!” In fact, nearly all insurance companies cover compounded medications including Express Scripts, TriCare and other major companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
Since your insurance policy is a contract between you and your provider, it is really up to the providers to understand current costs of medications. Some insurers do a better job of this than others, quite frankly, so if your insurance company has done his or her homework, you will find that company’s co-pays are more in line with what the current market is doing.
Compounded medication, though the oldest form of pharmacy and apothecary if you think of pharmacy’s roots, still is more confusing to the insurance industry than brand or generic medication as individual compounding pharmacies set their own prices and some pharmacies set them significantly higher than others.
With the growing popularity in customized compounded prescriptions, the insurance industry is making great progress in both covering these medications and covering them in a way that is affordable for their insured, but there are still gaps that happen and when they do, we catch them and let you know so you can choose between our cash price or billing your insurance.
If you’d like to know if your insurance will cover your prescriptions with us, including your compounded medications, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. We’re always happy to help!