Feet, Toes, and Summer

Guess what is happening sooner than later? Feet without shoes. The warmer weather is coming and soon you will be walking on that warm grass or sand and looking at your feet and toes that you haven’t seen all winter. For some, this thought is horrifying. Nail fungus is a very real issue – and... Continue reading

A&R Pharmacy Presents

What does it look like when A&R Pharmacy presents who they are to others in their field? Here are a few images of a recent conference that sales representatives, Todd and Jeremy, attended and their presentation of A&R Pharmacy.

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Pins and Needles

Have you ever sat on your foot too long and lost the feeling in it and then when you got up, the blood started rushing back into your foot and tingling and then hurting? That’s just a fraction of what people feel when they have peripheral neuropathy. And, it never goes away.   Peripheral nerves... Continue reading

How Do You Deal With Arthritis?

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with arthritis, it is important to learn more about the disease and its potential impact. However, pinning down the facts about arthritis can be difficult. Despite striking 50 million Americans, arthritis is an often misunderstood disease with a core of common myths surrounding it.   Myth... Continue reading

New Year, Pain Managed, New You!

It’s a new year – it’s 2014! It’s time for a change – a change in how you manage your pain! What if you could change the very way you deal with your pain? What if you could manage it without taking any medication? What if you not only managed your pain but you saw... Continue reading

Fibromyalgia – Tied Up In Knots

The literal translation of fibromyalgia is “pain in the muscles, ligaments and tendons.” However, it is much more than pain; it presents many other symptoms that vary from person to person. It has existed for centuries, and our great grandmothers who experienced fibromyalgia symptoms were probably diagnosed with rheumatism. Let’s focus on this disease to... Continue reading

The Male “Pause Button”

Male Andropause. You may have never heard of it, especially if you are a woman under 30. However, it is a very real and prevalent issue for men, especially after age 40. Let’s start with what it is and then what to do about it. To put it simply, andropause is the steady decline in... Continue reading