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At A&R Pharmacy, we take pride in the quality assurance of our compounded medications which are regulated by the USP, U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention. Every compounding pharmacy must comply with the regulations set by the State Board of Pharmacy of the state in which the pharmacy is located. Each State Board of Pharmacy has the power to set and enforce regulations for compounding in its state, just as traditional pharmacies are regulated. The ingredients used by compounding pharmacies to make compounds come from FDA-registered and inspected facilities. We do take further steps to verify quality by regularly sending samples of our medications to an independent lab for verification of potency and to determine if there is contamination, all to bring you quality in every prescription.

A physician prescribes a formula be compounded for the patient’s needs.
A customer care representative will then attempt to contact the patient within one business day of receiving the prescription to gather all pertinent information.
Once we have completed insurance verification, the order will be sent to the pharmacy to be processed. The prescription will be shipped within 48 hours of insurance verification.
Most orders will be shipped the same day.
Our pharmacists clean and prepare the work station using rubber gloves and a mask before beginning the process of compounding.
Each medication is weighed, and added to the compound, and then clean down the station with alcohol wipes after each addition.
After each ingredient is added, the pharmacist logs the medication and amount used on a formula worksheet, accounting for each ingredient that goes into the prescription.
The ingredients are then spun together.
The total ingredients are then weighed again to ensure the correct dosage is prescribed to the patient.
Prescriptions are then sent to patients via USPS first class or priority. (Overnight shipping is available for an additional fee.)
The prescription, once shipped, should arrive at the patient’s doorstep within one to three business days depending upon the region in which they reside.

REORDERS: You will be assigned a dedicated customer services representative. Every 25-30 days after receiving your prescription, a customer care representative will follow up and inquire if you need a refill. They will also discuss with you how you are doing with the medication. Our pharmacist may make recommendations if you feel the patient is not getting adequate relief. If refills have been exhausted, then a member of our pharmacy will notify the physician and request more refills.

Note: Compounded ingredients have been tested and approved by the FDA for their intended use.