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Since graduating with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Nebraska, College of Pharmacy, in 1993, Ashton Stute, CEO/Owner of A&R Pharmacy, has worked in various pharmaceutical positions until 2000 when he started A&R Pharmacy.
Located in Fort Worth, Texas, at the time, Ashton moved the pharmacy in 2003 to its present location in Liberty, Missouri. A&R Pharmacy strictly dealt with respiratory and compounded respiratory medications for inhalation and primarily catered to the Medicare population, when the government had a program that covered 80% of the cost of inhalation medications. In July, 2007, Medicare stopped paying for compounded respiratory medications and Medicare started cutting the reimbursement of the commercially available medications.
It was then that Ashton decided to change his business model and started to market and compound transdermal pain gels that are used to treat a variety of conditions including arthritis, neuralgia, and any part of the body that has inflammation. He started the new program beginning in 2008. A&R Pharmacy experienced good growth while Ashton worked to improve the pharmacy. In early 2010, A&R Pharmacy hired two sales representatives to help promote the pain gel program.
A&R Pharmacy continues to broaden the market for pain gels and currently markets the Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri areas. In the future, A&R Pharmacy is planning to service all the states that surround Missouri while catering directly to the patient.
Ashton and his wife, Amy, have two sons who keep them busy with scouts and sports.